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At Toocat, we are at service to our clients through the use of three engagement models that can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. You are welcome to choose one of our models or make a combination, depending on the project phase and needs.

  • Dedicated Developers Model – Developers exclusively working for you (Time & Materials contract)
  • Project Based Model – Billing based on fixed price for the completion of the entire project
  • Development Center Model – A specially assembled team which is dedicated to developing your software. This is a carefully planned arrangement. For example, our first-time clients may choose to begin with a fixed price for a pilot project. Then, once we have established an effective form of cooperation, they may choose to leverage a dedicated model for their development needs. Different companies have many different needs when it comes to software development. Some need relatively simple improvements, while others need to develop an entirely new product from scratch. At Toocat, we work with different clients, using the engagement model that matches their needs.

Our developers are technology experts who use all their skills to build a product that meets your business needs and technical requirements. When you outsource to Toocat, you benefit from a shorter time to market and lower development costs, and at the same time you remain focused on your core business.

Dedicated Developers Model

An excellent form of extending your development capacity is to use Toocat's Dedicated Developers Model for your projects. At Toocat, we have exceptional dedicated teams: highly flexible, talented professionals, who will make your time to market shorter. We always protect the intellectual property rights of our clients. All the work done by the dedicated developers teams belongs to you. The Dedicated Developers Model is a convenient solution for our clients who need continuous support, particularly in the long term. Toocat teams will be trained to meet your specific needs. Adapting our quality assurance and other processes to fit within your own business practices is also possible. We develop long-lasting relationships with clients, and the Dedicated Developers Model is convenient for both Toocat and our clients. Our experience shows that clients benefit in more than one way, some of which are

  • Better risk management,
  • Better planning,
  • Better, customized data collection and analysis,
  • Team members retention and motivation,
  • Knowledge building and skills development,
  • Better training and coaching opportunities, knowledge management at the team level cost savings.

At the bottom line, our dedicated developers become a natural extension of you business. You stay in control, but you also enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing: not having to worry about staffing or logistics. The developers welcome your corporate culture, and you can decide how their skills are assigned to your projects. This model implies a Time & Materials contract. Prices are based on knowledge, expertise and position of our developers.

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Project Based Model

Some clients find that using a fixed price is an advantage. With this model you know how much time the project will take and how much it will cost you. Toocat works with the client to define the scope and time frame of the project. Then we follow that plan, delivering the final product on time for a previously agreed-upon price. Of course, this type of cooperation works best for those clients who can clearly define the project and do not anticipate changes to the scope.

Our project based model has a history of delivering remarkable results. We can adjust each step to meet your company's unique needs. We can begin with developing a concept and creating a prototype, or we can assist you in implementing or maintaining a project that you've already begun.

In working with Toocat risk is reduced, because you are in control when determining the project scope and specifications. We offer project based pricing so you get the benefit of knowing the costs to expect in advance.

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Development Center Model

A Development Center implies a team of programmers that has been assembled to work on projects for a certain client. Ideally, the team members are chosen to complement the client's company culture. During a defined period the team works on projects for that client only. The client can define the equipment and other elements of infrastructure that should be made available to the team, thus ensuring that the Center fulfills the standards of the company it works for, all the way to co-branding.


Using the Development Center Model brings many advantages, particularly in the timeframe and the possibility of participating in choosing people who create your software application.

Skills & Knowledge

By choosing the Development Center Model and Toocat in general, clients don't have to be concerned with the knowledge of the individuals who work on their projects. This is very important when deciding which country to outsource to. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a lot of talented software developers with world-class education and expertise in the latest technologies. Through Toocat, your company can choose top talent, restructuring the team as needed to answer a project's changing requirements.

Shorter Timeframe

Choosing the Development Center Model, in addition to your own IT team in another part of the world can speed up application development by effectively creating a 16-hour workday, where project is progressing faster. This type of work arrangement maximizes the use of resources, resulting in a reduced time to market.

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Toocat provides outsourced services of developing custom enterprise software solutions. Our methodological skills take us all the way. It is detailed and has standardized procedures to guarantee success. They are flexible enough to match a wide range of client needs. Our proven methodology incorporates industry best practices and aims at maximizing our customers' return on investment while minimizing the time needed to release products. Toocat's clean process has been proven to work for developing custom applications of different sizes.

Toocat understands the importance of using the right methodology for the right project. The methodologies we use are Waterfall opens in a new window, SCRUM opens in a new window, Kanban opens in a new window, The Spiral Model opens in a new window and Evolutionary Prototyping opens in a new window.

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We support following partnership models:

  • You have a business idea and need assistance translating it into technical requirements
  • You have technical requirements and require software and hardware implementations
  • You have a system and need help testing it
  • You have a running system and need help operating it
  • You have developers but lack projects
  • We review your technical requirements and implementations
  • We review your quality assurance efforts
  • We review and support your continuous integration and delivery process
  • We do skill assessment and vacation matching of your developers
  • We review your IT architecture & project management practices

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