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is developing sustainable software solutions for various environments and platforms: database-centric enterprise solutions, microservices, real-time systems, desktop, web, mobile and cloud applications.

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Delivery is on time, on budget and on value. Internalized agile development methodology practices like continuous integration, automated regression testing and continuous deployment make us capable of delivering new versions of software as frequently as needed. Businesses take advantage of our service by quickly supporting new features in the marketplace being steadily ahead of competition or quickly closing gaps.

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We support a wide range of technologies with large ecosystems and orchestrate them to work as one scalable unit in telco, government, health care, city automation, logistics, entertainment, accounting and financial industries in the region of Western Balkans, Scandinavia, Central Europe, North America and Australia.

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ID: 4202194670008, PID: 202194670008
Mailbox: H. Kresevljakovica 61, 71.000 Sarajevo, BiH
Phone #: + 387 61 288 648