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About Us

Our mission is to create unique and refreshing digital entertainment.

Our vision is to work in small, lean teams.

Enjoy creativity, passion, optimism and fun.

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Ourmaze is a challenging horror adventure game. The player starts the game not knowing about himself or his past. As the game progresses, he starts figuring out who he really is, while exploring unknown environment, avoiding traps, solving puzzles and defeating his enemies to achieve the ultimate victory in this divine adventure of ancient rivalry.

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Football Tycoon

A tycoon game placed in the near future. You will manage a football club in this post apocalyptic fiction. A set of unique managing features makes playing this tycoon game an unforgettable experience.

Status: In development.

Release date: Q4 2018.

Galactic Hunters

A space MMORTS with one simple goal - survive as long as you can. The Resources are limited and the universe is imploding. Only one player can win.

Status: In development.

Release date: Q1 2019.